There’s always a moment when you start big projects like this, that you worry if anyone will actually bother to engage. This was a genuine concern of mine (cue visions of onscreen tumbleweed and plentiful eye-rolling). Yet within moments of us launching our first major survey in May last year, the response was overwhelming. Not for the number of respondents alone, but also for the high quality of replies. Our survey is proof, if it were ever needed, of the amount of care and thought that couples put into their weddings and how highly so many of our survey respondents are engaged with the Love My Dress and wedding blog community.

In the 7 years since it was formed, Love My Dress has grown beyond my wildest expectations. I am immensely proud of everything my team and I have achieved over the years but more than that, I’m deeply moved by how passionate, non-judgemental and loyal our readers and social media followers are.

Our reader community is diverse and represents a wide ranging group of women from all walks of life, each of whom have one thing in common; they value marriage and they are passionate about creating memorable, meaningful occasions that celebrate love and commitment. They want to employ the best suppliers they can afford, and they are looking to Love My Dress to connect them with these suppliers. I am very proud to be able to provide this community with a voice through both through Love My Dress, and through this survey.

I have no doubt that you’ll find the results of our survey illuminating and tremendously informative. I hope too that you’ll be as thankful to our readers for their insight and their clarity as I am.

I urge you to read our ‘Why the Survey?’ page to learn more about this project.


Annabel Beeforth
Founder, Love My Dress
Follow me at @annabelbeeforth and @lovemydress